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From Sinqi Pharmaceutical Shanghai (by Dong Weiming), the 14th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry China (COOC2014) and the 3rd Congress of International Academy of Orthokeratology (CIAO), jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Ophthalmological Society, National 10 Provinces Ophthalmological Society, Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University, School of Ophthalmology & Optometry, Wenzhou Medical University, and China International Conference Center for Science and Technology of the China Association for Science and Technology, were smoothly held in the International Source Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center during March 27-30, 2014. During the conference, a Special Satellite Conference sponsored by Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was successfully held and gained praise from experts and doctors.

The conference was splendid, and new moves boosted the growth of young doctors

The conference attracted more than 1,000 doctors, experts and scholars in ophthalmology and optometry from China, the US, Asian, and European countries to participate.

While adhering to previous meeting features such as the 3rd CIAO for cutting-edge disciplines, clinical case seminars, new clinical technology, and therapy exchange about ophthalmology, hot hyperopia defocus and myopia defocus in optometry, the conference made two new trials. Firstly, in addition to speeches delivered by masters in the opening ceremony, it invited young doctors who published articles in top international magazines to give speeches in order to show the trend that future generations will excel the previous one. Secondly, it organized an ophthalmology clinical research project seminar. Senior expert groups in topic review made statements about how to choose a topic and write a tender well. Experts gave instructions on site and helped them make improvements. All these new measures were beneficial for enhancing young doctors’ clinical skills and scientific levels. 


Zhang Shaoyao, Academic Promotion Department and Professor Sun Xinghuai, Chairman of the Conference and Dean of Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University took a photo together

Sinqi continuously promoted academic brands by sponsoring academic conferences

As one of the exhibitors in the conference, Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. gave its unique support to the conference assay assembly and venue advertising, and assisted the conference in sponsoring numerous clinical doctors to attend the conference. Besides, Sinqi successfully held a special satellite conference about “Vitamin A Palmitate Ophthalmic Gel” (“Nourishing”) Product during the conference.

The special satellite conference was hosted by Professor Sun Xinghuai, a famous ophthalmologist and Dean of the Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University personally. As the main speakers, Professor Xu Jianjiang and Gong Lan respectively gave special lectures with the themes of “Treatment Countermeasures for Dry Eyes Caused by Long-term Using of Glaucoma Drugs” and “Prevention of Dry Eyes after Refractive Surgery”. 

 Special satellite conference about “Vitamin A Palmitate Ophthalmic Gel” (“Nourishing”) Product

Professor Xu Jianjiang discovered that Vitamin A Palmitate Ophthalmic Gel can remarkably increase the conjunctiva goblet cell density of patients with glaucoma through topic research, and he recommended Vitamin A Palmitate Ophthalmic Gel as a new option for treating the ocular surface discomfort of patients with glaucoma after taking drugs for a long time. Professor Gong Lan introduced abundant domestic and overseas literature reports to demonstrate that excimer refraction postoperative patients commonly suffered reduced conjunctiva goblet cells, and she suggested doctors use Vitamin A Palmitate Ophthalmic Gel based on current artificial tears in order to gain better dry eyes treatment results. All the above topics perfectly guided and supported vast participating doctors in the future clinical work. 


Zhang Shaoyao, Director of Academic Promotion Department, and Professor Gong Lan, Main Speaker of Satellite Conference and Doctor of Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University, took a photo together