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On April 25, the 14th National Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Academic Conference & 6th National Cornea Refraction Academic Conference was unveiled in the Shanghai Everbright Int’l Hotel. Infectious keratonosus, ocular surface disease, transplantation and immunization, and corneal refractive surgery were mainly discussed in the conference, and an abundant academic feast was presented. The conference was mainly organized by Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University.

During the conference, Diyou Exclusive Launch Satellite Conference sponsored by Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical was held in Hall 2 on the first floor of the Shanghai Everbright Int’l Hotel. The conference was hosted by Professor Liu Zuguo, Dean of the Medical College of Xiamen University. Professor Yao Ke, Chinese Ophthalmological Society and Professor Sun Xuguang from Beijing Tongren Hospital both gave speeches, including “Prevention of Gatifloxacin and Preparations for Intraocular Infection” and “Explanation of Gatifloxacin Specification”. Professor Yao Ke and Professor Sun Xuguang delivered splendid statements, and perfectly explained Diyou (Gatifloxacin Eye Gel) from a theoretical basis, clinical research and actual cases.


DiyouExclusive Launch Satellite Conferenc

Diyou (Gatifloxacin Eye Gel) is the fourth generation of carbostyril eye-drops preparation, which has adopted a Strengh-Tech innovative drug release system different from ordinary eye gels. It can take effect rapidly and is durable without producing blurry vision. It is the top choice for treating eye bacterial infection and preventing endoophthalmitis during the ophthalmology perioperative period.

First of all, Professor Yao Ke introduced his human anterior chamber penetration study with 0.3% gatifloxacin eye gel, 0.3% gatifloxacin eye drops and 0.5% levofloxacin eye drops from clinical research. The research showed that 1.drug concentration of aqueous fluid with gatifloxacin eye gel (Diyou) is the highest; 2. High-concentration maintenance time of gatifloxacin eye gel (Diyou) is the longest; 3. Within the same time, bioavailability of gatifloxacin eye gel (Diyou) is the highest.

Professor Yao Ke pointed out in his report that getifloxacin eye gel should be prioritized while choosing antibiotics for preventing endoophthalmitis in some cases.

In the following lecture, Professor Sun Xuguang offered professional and detailed references for clinical doctors to fully learn and correctly use Diyou by interpreting gatifloxacin specifications with abundant actual cases. Regarding the usage safety issue of gatifloxacin preparations that is a common concern in clinics, Professor Sun Xuguang pointed out that clinical research demonstrated that the normal concentrations for gatifloxacin eye gel in gatifloxacin tears, cornea and aqueous fluid are 1865ug/ml, 31ug/ml and 2.4ug/ml respectively, but the blood concentration is so low that it can’t be detected (<0.002ug/ml). Meanwhile, clinical tests showed that no statistical difference existed in blood glucose concentration of health volunteers before and after using the medicine.

Professor Sun Xuguang also pointed out in his report that gatifloxacin has a wide anti-bacterial spectrum, strong anti-bacterial ability, high anterior segment permeability and hard drug resistance compared to the third generation of carbostyril eye preparations, and it will become the top medicine for preventing bacterial infections in ophthalmology.


Professor Liu Zuguo, Professor Yao Keand Professor Sun Xuguang awarded participating winners

Finally, Professor Liu Zuguo stated in his conference summary that gatifloxacin eye gel should become the top choice for treating eye bacterial infections based on its features and superiorities.