Release time: 2014-08-22   author: 兴齐眼药

Due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in recent year, major enterprises in Shenyang have donated money and goods to disaster areas one after another, presenting a moving scene. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake that took place in Yushu, Qinghai not long ago caused abundant casualties and property losses -- another strong geological natural disaster after the Wenchuan Earthquake. While facing the natural disaster and in order to support the country’s earthquake relief work and contribute love to people in the disaster area, Xu Fengqin , Chairman of the Sinqi Pharmaceutical Labor Union, donated RMB 100,000 to the Shenyang Staff Love Philanthropic Foundation for victims of the Yushu earthquake on behalf of company chairman Mr. Newsun on April 26. The philanthropic behavior made all workers present feel touched and impressed.

    Li Xiufeng, Director of the Tiexi District General Union Guarantee Department, accepted Sinqi’s donation of RMB 100,000 to Yushu

Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in ophthalmic R&D, production and sales. With the responsibility of revitalizing the Chinese national medical industry, Sinqi is wholeheartedly committed to the ophthalmology specialty. Mr. Newsun, Chairman of Sinqi Pharmaceutical, who loves his motherland and homeland, is fond of public welfare establishments in society. As a national entrepreneur, Mr. Newsun makes continuous contributions to public welfare establishments with his great aspiration of revitalizing national enterprises. In his opinion, the amount of money spent on charity and public welfare establishments can’t measure an enterprise’s emphasis on a sense of social responsibility, nor weigh the standards of the dimensions of enterprise charity. If an enterprise wants to be engaged in charity and public welfare establishments, it should observe and care about people and things in need of help from the inside. If an enterprise wants to shoulder its social responsibility, its expenditures would surely increase, and the enterprise must have enough resources and capabilities. We can regard the behavior as “earning money to do good things” instead of “doing good things to earn money”. It is a publicity medium for an enterprise to increase its awareness.

In Sinqi Pharmaceutical, Mr. Newsun established the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation by contributing RMB 1 million with its predecessor, the Sunshine Foundation. Under his leadership, Sinqi has participated in a number of social relief actions, such as donating money and goods to the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, bringing warmth to children in the Shenyang Children’s Welfare Association, contributing love to company staff and poor families in society, subsidizing tuition fees for impoverished college students, paying medical fees for elementary school students with congenital eye diseases, helping airline stewardesses-to-be with eye diseases and sending medicines to their home for free. Until now, it has donated RMB 652580.7 in total.

In ordinary people’s eyes and hearts, an entrepreneur or manager leading the whole company should stand high above the masses and be inaccessible. However, in the people of Sinqi’s eyes, Mr. Newsun is a leader admired and respected by all workers because he maintains a young mentality like the sunshine, creates a comfortable work environment for staff, offers opportunities for studying abroad, and allows capable staff to display their talents and be continuously promoted. They admire Mr. Newsun’s forward-looking strategic thinking, which leads Sinqi to a higher level and better serves ophthalmologic causes. He likes his workers to use his English name because it can narrow the distance between him and his workers. He always tries his best to do and care about everything, including corporate culture, strategic decision-making, diet and daily life for staff in other places, along with all the workers’ diet needs. He always considers issues carefully and thoroughly, touching every Sinqi worker and bringing them to feel admiration for him. More importantly, they feel proud that they possess such a kind leader who always puts workers’ personal interests at the top.

Charity is an enterprise behavior. Mr. Newsun’s philanthropy stands for Sinqi’s corporate behavior. As the old Chinese saying goes, “The highest order of good deeds is like water that brings benefits to all”. A kind person’s behavior can nourish everything and bring benefit to others like running water. It’s hard to return wealth to society instead of creating wealth. “Being flexible” can reflect its joy and happiness. Send roses to others while the fragrance is left in your hand! Philanthropy can finally lead to love as an exit from wealth.